Active Living Conference, 2013: Integrating Research, Policy and Practice (links to presentations online)

The theme of this year’s highly anticipated Active Living Conference (February 26 – 28, 2013) was Achieving Change Across Sectors: Integrating Research, Policy and Practice.

Conference workshops and presentations were diverse and engaging. Topics included:

  • Digital Community-Based Participatory Research Tools
  • Health in All Policies: Identifying Partners to Address the Root Causes of Health Inequities
  • Bike Score: Does Urban Bikeability Predict Cycling Behavior?
  • Impact of Park Renovations on Park Use and Park-based Physical Activity
  • Comprehensive Evaluation of a Multilevel Physical Activity Intervention in Older Adults
  • The Use of Webcams and Internet Crowd-Sourcing to Evaluate Built Environment Change

…to name a few!


‘Zumba-ing the talk’ during a conference physical activity session

I had the pleasure to present Walk in My Shoes: Establishing Researcher-Stakeholder Relationships that Encourage Neighbourhood Physical and Social Activity. My presentation featured the process and outcomes of a community-based event (titled Walk in My Shoes) that we (CHHM/ASAP/WTT) hosted in Vancouver’s West End neighbourhood. The aim of Walk in My Shoes was to better understand those features of the built environment that help or hinder older adults’ mobility. Find the full summary report we distributed to stakeholders here.

My slides are currently online (although they are mostly pictures!) and all of other Active Living Conference presentations will be available soon. Be sure to check the Active Living Research website for updates. The website is a great online resource for anyone interested in current research and best practices about decreasing barriers and increasing opportunities for neighbourhood environments to promote physical activity.


By Callista Haggis, Knowledge Broker, ASAP

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2 Responses to Active Living Conference, 2013: Integrating Research, Policy and Practice (links to presentations online)

  1. We are so glad that you could join us for #ALR2013. Thank you for your presentation and for directing people to our website for a resource on environmental and policy strategies that can promote daily physical activity.

  2. Debbie Lou says:

    Thanks so much Callista for writing about our conference! Anyone can view photos from the event here:

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