Raise awareness about the importance of age-friendly neighbourhoods – ‘like’ our photo in the INFUSE 2013 photo contest!

Words and numerical data may be the most common way to share information in academia, but there are many other creative ways to communicate important messages. As one such example, the ASAP team views the INFUSE 2013 Photo Contest as an opportunity to raise discussion and awareness about how neighbourhood built environments significantly impact (positively or negatively) the health and well being of older adults.[1][2][3]

Land-use patterns, sidewalks, and streetlight crossing-times all shape health outcomes. Still not convinced? The World Health Organization positions healthy urban planning as a top priority to improve health globally.[4][5]  

The Canadian Institute of Planners National Conference (INFUSE 2013) is therefore a great venue for discussion. Raise the profile of older adult mobility by ‘liking’ our photo titled, Time to Cross in the People in Space category on the INFUSE photo competition website. Just follow this link!

Photos will be displayed throughout the conference and winners will be recognized at the closing gala.

Thank you in advance,

The ASAP team

[1] Brownson RC, Hoehner CM, Day K, Forsyth A, Sallis JF: Measuring the built environment for physical activity: state of the science. Am J Prev Med 2009, 36:S99-123 e112
[2]Sallis JF, Glanz K: The role of built environments in physical activity, eating, and obesity in childhood. Future Child 2006, 16:89-108.
[3] The Public Health Advisory Committee: Healthy places, healthy lives: urban    environments and wellbeing. Wellington: Ministry of Health; 2010.
[4] Frumkin H, Frank L, Jackson RJ: Urban sprawl and public health: Designing, planning    and building for healthy communities. Washington DC: Island Press; 2004.
[5] World Health Organization: Healthy urban planning. report of a consultation meeting.  Kobe: World Health Organization; 2011.
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